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Inspections at every stage of the property lifecycle

Streamline your property inspections with the TC Inspect mobile app and save your team hours of work capturing images and manually compiling PDF reports. Our feature rich mobile inspection app can be used on the go to record property conditions and issues in real-time, create and upload reports to the TCPinpoint platform, then assign and track ToDos to ensure issues are resolved before they affect the delivery of your project.

Case Study: Commercial application

Mike Horton – Operations Manager at Stone & Chalk



Case Study: RDM application

Katherine Rawlings – Retail Design Manager at Adelaide Airport



Case Study: Tenancy Coordinator application

Sam Powell – Tenancy Coordinator

TC Inspect - Capture Issues - TCPinpoint

Capture issues on the go

Record the condition of your property and details of issues you identify whilst onsite, and attach photos to clearly demonstrate what needs to be done.

Inspection Reports Feature - TCPinpoint

Automate inspection reports

Create detailed PDF reports at the click of a button. Upload them directly to the TCPinpoint platform for future access and share the results of your property inspection with stakeholders to ensure ultimate visibility.

Feature Apply Location Identifiers - TCPinpoint

Apply location identifiers

Pinpoint exactly where issues exist using GPS mapping or configurable building plans for your inspection location.

TC Inspect ToDos Feature - TCPinpoint

Assign ToDos to resolve issues fast

Create and assign ToDos to team members directly from the TC Inspect app to ensure issues are tracked and closed before they become problems. ToDos are automatically linked to an inspection report and are accessible from both TC Inspect and the TCPinpoint platform.

Tenancy Lifecycle - TCPinpoint

The property lifecycle is an infinite loop, constantly flowing through the delivery process from lease to open. Momentum can shift, stakeholders can join at different stages, but the journey is the same for both new developments and operating assets, and TCPinpoint is the platform that brings it all together.

Empower your people by providing a tool that promotes collaboration and provides the ability to support and empathise with each other, and to stay focussed and proactive in their work and lives.

TCPinpoint is with you all the way

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