Archive: Feb 2020

25 February 2020 |

Changelog 2020-02-25

Leases were blocking access to Projects for any Team Member without Project Authority. To remedy this, as a temporary fix, all access to leases have been hidden from Project pages; users will… Read More

20 February 2020 |

Changelog 2020-02-19

Changed Version number updated to 2020-02-19Project Page: performance improvementsTask Page: performance improvementsLedger Page: changed to one-column layout, sidebar widgets moved into tabs Removed Task Page / Insights Tab: removed reference to ‘depends… Read More

6 February 2020 |

Changelog 2020-02-06

Added New Activity Feed and Notifications System installedActivity feed items contain reference to type of activity, activity object, activity context, activity subject, and actor.Activity feed items contain reference to the time and… Read More

3 February 2020 |

Changelog 2020-02-03

Fixed As a side effect of our 2020.01.23 release, status icon colours were not reflecting their correct ahead/behind status. This has been rectified; all open & ahead icons show as green, all… Read More